– Amazon exlusive Wayfinder Shorty Skin
– Available free to Amazon Prime subscribers
– More free content coming soon….

Amazon have combined with Valorant to release exclusive new skins for prime subscribers, and have started off with the new Amazon Wayfinder Shorty skin. The skins are free and while a release schedule hasn’t been published it looks like this is likely to be a regular promotion.

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Wayfinder SHorty

The Wayfarer shorty is styled in typical Amazon colours of black and gold and is a cleanly designed and sharp looking skin. There is currently no word on whether Amazon will be producing and selling these shotguns in their online store…

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How to unlock

The unlock process is relatively simple, where you log into Amazon gaming and enter your riot ID. From here all you then need to do is click the “claim now” button and the skin will be available to you in game. The process can be repeated for future Amazon exclusive releases.

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