• New Valorant Prism III, Cavalier and Polyfrog skins released
  • Prism III skins feature a melee axe, classic, judge and Odin weapon skins
  • Polyfrog skins feature a sheriff, spectre, marshal and ares weapon skins
  • Cavalier skins feature a ghost, stinger, bucky, operator and vandal weapon skins
  • Full Battlepass costs 1000 VP.

The Battlepass 2 skins are here and they look great. The Prism III skins are a pearlescent orange. The variants are green, blue and light pink. Cavalier skins are a stylish wood and metal combo with glowing blue highlights. Polyfrog skins are styled in different shades of green and red in the polygon art style and feature a frog on each gun.

The Battlepass costs a total of 1000 VP.

Polyfrog skins

Polyfrog Skins

Cavalier skins

Cavalier Collection Skins

Prism III skins and variants

Prism III Skins
Prism III Skins
Prism III Skins Green
Prism III Skins

Prime 2.0 and Eclipse skins

Released at the same time are the Prime 2.0 collection for 7,100 VP in the store and the Eclipse ghost contract skin for the new agent Astra.

Prime 2 Skins
Astra Eclipse Ghost