• Who is doing the cheating in Valorant? We analyse search results by region to give you the answers.
  • In the US, the West coast comes out worst with Oregon, Washington and California topping the list.
  • Globally, we’re pointing the finger at Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Singapore and the Philippines.

So, if you are anything like us you’ve probably wondered at some point, who is doing the cheating? We’ve looked at the available data from google to provide you with the answers both globally and in the United States. Two caveats here . . . first, just because there are searches in a region doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of people are cheating in that region, but by comparing regions we can give you an idea of which regions have the most cheaters or people trying to cheat (I’M LOOKING AT YOU CALIFORNIA). Second, if people are searching for cheats I guess it’s kinda possible they’re wondering how many people out there are cheating or something, which is why we’ve also included searches for “Valorant wallhack” and “valorant aimbot’. We’ll let the results speak for themselves… 

Who is searhcing for “Valorant Cheats”?

elderflame bundle - melee
elderflame bundle - melee

Starting with the US, it immediately jumps out that the coasts are the main culprits here. On one level the reflects the larger number of players in these areas, but the comparison shows us that Oregon, Washington and New Jersey are by far the worst offenders. 

Who is searhcing for “Valorant Cheats” globally?

elderflame bundle - melee
elderflame bundle - melee

On a global level, the worst are Portugal, Singapore and Lithuania, with Romania, Finland, Canada and the Nordic countries coming out near the top. 

Now, there could be an innocent explanation for some of this… maybe. So let’s look at who is searching for aimbots and wallhacks.

Who is searhcing for “Valorant wallhacks” globally?

elderflame bundle - melee
elderflame bundle - melee

For wallhacks only three countries even appear on the board, and for me this is a far more definitive measurement. Hang your heads in shame Philippines, Turkey and Germany…

Who is searhcing for “Valorant aimbot” in the US?

elderflame bundle - melee

A more specific search for aimbot also brings things into focus in the US as well, with California being the only state that even registers “Valorant aimbot” on google trends. Hmm. What’s going on west coast?

Bringing this all together, a general search for “Valorant cheats” gives as an idea of where we should be looking, but adding the data from “aimbot” and “wallhack” to this gives us a more precise picture and points us to those who are willing to dig a little deeper and find specific cheats. 

On this we are going to call out the worst five offenders for cheating globally as Portugal, Signapore, Germany, Turkey and the Phillipines. in the US, this is unmistakebly a west coast phenomenon with California, Oregon and Washington taking the prizes. 


  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Philippines


  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington