We have a new agent, Killjoy. She’s apparently a German robotics genius (you can see the official notes here.) Killjoy comes with four abilities: Nanoswarm, Turret, Alarmbot and Lockdown. 

killjoy tall image


The alarmbot equips a bot that seeks out enemies in range, temporarily making the targeted enemy vulnerable to double damage from any source.

When my killer robot friend reaches its target…boom! Enemies who get hit are temporarily vulnerable to double damage from all sources. Hah, so fun.


The turret ability deploys an independent turret weapon that will attack enemies within a 180 degree arc. It starts shooting within a second of an enemy appearing in range and does a variety of damage levels depending on the range to target, starting at 8 dmg at the closest range and lowering to 4 at the furthest. The turret has a 125 points of health.


Nanoswarm is basically just a grenade that you activate when a target is close. It releases a swarm of nanobots that damages the enemy. 


Killjoy’s ultimate ability is Lockdown. It takes a while to activate after being deployed (roughly 12 seconds or so), but when it does it traps any enemies caught in its large radius for 8 seconds. You can see how it works in the official release video here.