• New agent to be released called ‘Agent 14″ or “Yoru”.
  • Abilities include flashbang, teleport, fake footsteps.
  • Ultimate appears to be invisibility, though these may be subject to change.

With an update close at hand we’ve started getting the usual leaks and the most exciting news is that we have a new agent on the way, ‘Yoru” or “Agent 14”. The images we’re getting aren’t as clear as we’d like, but they give us an idea of what’s coming as well as the abilities this agent is going to show off.

Fake footsteps

The first ability we’ll look at seems to be a bait technique of sending off his footsteps in a particular direction, potentially distracting, confusing or drawing out an enemy. 

Bouncing flash

Agent 14 also has a flashing ability that seems closer to the tradition flashbang of the fps genre, bouncing off a surface before blinding an enemy.


All of this is still to be confirmed but it looks like Yoru’s C ability will be dropping a teleporter that he later activate.

Invisibility Ultimate

Finally it looks like the Yoru ultimate will feature invisibility in some way, which on the surface seems insanely OP. None of this is officially confirmed though so we will have to wait and see, but from what we have so far he looks to be an incredibly strong character. We’ll update you as we learn more!