• Valorant Store reset extended another 24 hours
  • New Nebula collection to be released tomorrow (Aug 21st).
  • Collection price beleived to be 7100 VP 

The store reset has been extended another 24 hours but we’ve got a new skin collection leaked, the Nebula collection. The new set features a knife, Sheriff pistol, as well as the Phantom, Guardian and Ares. The set has a space theme (as suggested by the name) and has an interesting opaque affect that makes it seem like you are looking through the weapons into the universe at the purple and green strands of interstellar dust as the weapons rotate.

oni finisher

We don’t have exact confirmation of the price yet but judging by previous collections of a similar kind we think the price should be 7100 VP, with the knife going for about 3500 VP and the individual gun skins going for around 1800 VP.

As usual we’ll be bringing you full prices, details and the highest quality HD images as soon as the set is fully released. For now, you can check out the video and store images below!

valorant nebula knife
valorant nebula sheriff
valorant nebula guardian
valorant nebula phantom
valorant nebula ares