•  New mobile app for valorant and other riot games
  • Allows communication between friends and players and game updates and news
  • Launches sometime in October (Oct 4th)

Riot have announced the launch of Riot Mobile, a way to get the latest news, updates and events on Valorant and other Riot games, as well as communicate with other players. Riot Mobile is an evolution or upgraded version of League+.  One of the core elements of this is enabling easy communication between players, and the team behind the new project have included:

– Player profiles
– Cross-region and cross-game chat
– “Quick paths to search for friends and start conversations”

The app will also feature news feeds that you can customise to focus on your favourite riot games. But before you rush off to get it, it doesn’t look like it will be launched for a few weeks yet (possibly until October), so we’ll keep you up do date as we learn more…