We’ve got two new skin sets leaked, the Celestial skin set and the Valorant Go! (aka anime) collection. The celestial skins have an asian theme and features a melee weapons, the frenzy, judge, ares and phantom. Set in gold and blue, they feature a mountain and cloud background over a sunset.

The Valorant Go! collection, also known as the Anime skins due to the anime style characters and colouration features a knife, ghost, spectre, guardian and phantom.

Celestial skins

valorant prism II shorty
valorant prism II sheriff
valorant prism II bucky
valorant prism II stinger
valorant prism II vandal
valorant prism II vandal

Valorant Go! (anime) Skins

valorant horizon frenzy
valorant horizon bucky
valorant horizon spectre
valorant horizon bulldog
valorant horizon vandal