• New Smite Odin set released for 3500 vp!
  • Knife costs 1750 VP, with each gun going for 875
  • HD images and info at this link.

A short turn-around for skins this week and one of the lowest priced collections ever released, we have the Smite skins. The full Smite collection is just 3,500 VP, with the knife individually costing 1,750 VP, and the individual gun skins going for 875 VP each.

As you might expect from skins at this price point there aren’t any variants but it’s a simple, cleanly styled set with an electricity/lightning theme and a fading blue background that will likely prove to be very popular. 

Smite Knife: 1,750 VP

spline knife

Smite Classic: 875 VP

spline classic

Smite Judge: 875 VP

spline spectre

Smite Phantom: 875 VP

spline phantom

Smite Odin: 875 VP

valorant nebula phantom