• New Champions bundle set for release today (Nov 24th)
• Bundle will include a Vandal, Melee Karambit as well as a finisher and other items
• Price is believed to be 6,260 VP
• This is a one time run and will not be returning to the store

To celebrate the first ever international Valorant esports event, the Valorant Champions Tournament, a new Champions bundle is being released today (wed, Nov 24th). The set will feature a Vandal and Karambit melee, both in gold and black with red styling, and the skins definitely have a premium feel to them. The bundle will also includes a elaborate finisher with music and the Vandal will have a glow on it whenever you have most kills.

Valorant Champions

They will be available until the 12th of December, but it’s important to note this is a one-time offer. It is being reported that these will not return to the night market or shop: they will only be purchasable until the end of the torunament.

The price for the bundle is now confirmed to be 6,263 VP.

champions melee valorant
Champions vandal valorant

In addition to the epic finisher and other items in the set, the word champions will glow on the side of the gun when you are top fragging. You can check this and some of the other bits of the bundle in the preview/leak from HITSCAN below.

Champions vandal valorant