• New Valorant Elderflame collection released
  • Price: 9,900 VP
  • Each weapon comes with 3 variants (excluding knife)
  • Avalaible in the Valorant Store for 12 days
  • Pricing: Melee 4950 VP; all other weapons 2,475 VP each

We have a new skin set: the Valorant Elderflame bundle has just been released to the Valorant store and will cost 9,900 VP for the full set. Each weapon, excluding the knife comes with 3 variants, and the set will be available to purchase in store for the next 12 days. At 9,900 VP this is by far the most expensive set we’ve seen yet, so lets see if it’s worth it…

The set has a dark theme, with each weapon taking the form of a dragon, except for the knife which presents as a dragon’s claw. The weapons are bursting with molten magma and they feature scales and claws. Included in the set are the Frenzy, knife, judge, Vandal and Operator.

Each weapon comes with a custom unlockable animation at lvl 3 (for 10 Radiante points) where the weapon comes to life as a dragon and either flaps its wings or glows and sends out glowing flame from around its mouth. There’s also a cool reload animation, with the dragon again coming to life and instantly snatching the magazine away from you.

valorant elderflame animation

The Bundle also comes with a massive dragon flame finisher and custom iron sights. It’s clear an enormous ammount of effort has been put into this skin collection, and while I still think all these skins are overpriced, you can easily understand why this comes at a premium over the other collections. The attention to detail, animations, VFX, finishers and so on are just a level above anything we’ve seen before from Valorant. 

valorant elderflame animation
  • level 1: Base gun
  • lvl 2: Firey tracers
  • lvl 3: Animation: Gun flies/flaps/slivers in and has grab animation for reloading.
  • lvl 4: Finisher: Fire Dragon Animation when you kill an enemy.
  • Lvl 5,6,7: Red(5), Blue(6), Dark(7) Variants

Elderflame Melee: 4950 VP

elderflame bundle - melee

Elderflame Frenzy: 2,475 VP 

elderflame bundle - frenzy
elderflame frenzy red variant
elderflame frenzy blue variant
elderflame frenzy dark variant

Elderflame Judge: 2,475 VP

Prism Collection Spectre
elderflame judge red variant
elderflame judge blue variant
elderflame judge dark variant

Elderflame Vandal: 2,475 VP

Prism Collection Phantom
elderflame vandal red variant
elderflame vandal blue variant
elderflame vandal dark variant

Elderflame Operator: 2,475 VP

elderflame colection - operator
elderflame operator red variant
elderflame operator blue variant
elderflame operator dark variant

Review: Is the Valorant ElderFlame bundle worth it

I’ve said it before (and we’ll be putting a video out on this subject this week), I just think these skins are too expensive; but I just can’t help but be impressed. I mean, really, really impressed. This isn’t just a step up for Valorant, its a step up for every game I can think of. I can’t help but feel that the hours that went into designing and creating these beasts somehow gets us close to justifying the prices – though I think this should probably cost the same as the prime (7,100VP) and the Prime and sovereign should be closer so 5,000. But again, these are some serious skins.

So it it worth it?  I’d say, just about, yeh. A game changer…