– New Valorant Endeavour skin Leaks!
– Features Ghost, Bulldog, Vandal, Operator and Ares…
– Bundle reported to cost 2930 VP, with individual guns costs 875 VP each

We have a new Valorant skin leak, the Endeavour bundle! This new Valorant Collection features a Ghost pistol, Bulldog, Vandal, Operator and Ares. The price of each individual gun is believed to be 875 VP, with the full bundle being priced at 2,930 VP. The skins have a modern, high-quality feel and strong realism to them: featuring black grips, solid, silver metal bodies and blue and gold elements as well as writing markings on the weapons ( hence, the realism).

The collection is quite unusual in its featuring some of the most used and popular weapons, in particular the Vandal, Operator and Ghost. But if you happen to also use Bulldog and Ares too this is almost a 3in1 bundle! All in all, this is a strong, attractive set, high on realism and high on value.

endeavour ghost skin
endeavour bulldog skin
endeavour vandal skin
endeavour operator skin
valorant sakura classic price