• New Valorant Go! Vol 2 skins set for release tomorrow Wed 22nd
 • Features melee, classic, vandal, operator and ares
 • Price is 8855 VP
 • Our custom HD images are found here.

The latest Valorant set, due for release tomorrow (Wednesday) is the Valorant Go Vol 2 set. Featuring a butterfly knife melee, classic pistol, vandal, operator and ares, the set continues the Go! theme of bright, warm colours and flashy stand-out skins. Particularly unique is that the knife is actually a comb. The full set costs 8,855 VP, withe the knife at 3550 and the gin skins at 1775 VP.

Yoru’s stylish butterfly comb/Knife

valorant go 2 butterfly knife

Go! Vol 2 Classic

valorant go 2 classic

Go! Vol 2 Vandal

valorant go 2 operator

Go! Vol 2 Operator

valorant go 2 operator

Go! Vol 2 Ares

valorant go 2 ares