• New Valorant Prime 2.0 Skins released
  • Skins feature a melee karambit, frenzy, Bucky, Phantom and Odin weapon skins
  • Full set costs 7,100, with the knife costing 3,550 VP and 1,775 VP

The eagerly anticipated Prime 2.0 skins are here and they don’t disappoint. Featuring the same regal purple and gold colouration with elegant black grips as the original set, Prime 2.0 adds a karambit melee weapon, Frenzy pistol, as well as the bucky, Phantom and Odin weapon skins.

The whole set comes in at 7,100 VP, with the knife going for 3,550 and each of the individual guns costing 1,775 VP each.

Celestial skins

prime 2 karabmit
prime 2 frenzy
prime 2 bucky
prime 2 phantom
prime 2 odin