• New valorant skins – recon bundle
  • Set cost: 7,100 VP
  • Includes new butterfly knife for 3,550 VP
  • Each skin has three variants with blue, green and red cammo and costs 1775 VP
  • Full HD images and variants here.

After a long wait we’ve finally got some new skins and the Recon Bundle doesn’t disapoint. The Recon skins cost 7,100 VP as a full set and includes the unique butterfly knife, the ghost pistol, spectre, guardian and phantom. Each skin comes with three unlockable variants: blue, green and red cammo.

valorant sakura classic price

There’s also some great footage from @ValorantHubb of the butterfly knife in action. Overall, I have to say this is a great looking set, with some clean, realistic looking skins with nice variants and an awesome melee – gonna have to get this one… 

Recon Butterfly Knife

valorant sakura sheriff price

Recon Ghost

valorant sakura stinger price

Recon Spectre

valorant sakura vandal price

Recon Guardian

valorant sakura ares price

Recon Phantom

valorant sakura ares price