• New Valorant Nunca Olvidados collection set for release tomorrow (Oct 20th)
• Features melee, frenzy, bulldog, ares and vandal
• Skins change colour/style based on light level
• Custom HD-images here

The new Nunca Olvidados bundle is set to be released tomorrow and features a melee weapon, frenzy, bulldog, vandal and ares. The skin will change colour based on the level of lighting. The styling is bright and delicate with warm colours, bright flowers and with the light/dark effect, this should 

Nunca Olvidados Melee

nunca olvidados knife skin

Nunca Olvidados Frenzy

nunca olvidados frenzy skin

Nunca Olvidados Bulldog

nunca olvidados bulldog skin

Nunca Olvidados Vandal

nunca olvidados vandal skin

Nunca Olvidados Ares

nunca olvidados ares skin