• New Valorant Radiant Crisis 001 released
• Price set at 7,100 VP
• Melee costs 3,550 VP and gun skins 1,775 VP
• See our custom HD images

With the new Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 Battle Pass we usually have a really cool set and this one is no exception. The Radiant Crisis 001 collection has a completely unique comic book style, some awesome effects and another unique finisher. The set costs 7,100 VP, with the melee/bat costing 3,550 VP and the guns going for 1,775. This is likely to be a very popular set.

radiant crisis vfx

This first image is an unlockable VFX that comes with the iconic comic book sound caption to accompany the weapon noise. Below we have a crazy comic book style finisher. As I said above, this is a unique and feature filled skin collection that has a lot of bang for its buck despite no variants. I like the bat!

radiant crisis finisher

Valorant Radiant Crisis 001 Set

Radiant Crisis 001 BAT

valorant chamber agent

Radiant Crisis 001 Classic

nunca olvidados frenzy skin

Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky

nunca olvidados bulldog skin

Radiant Crisis 001 Spectre

nunca olvidados vandal skin

Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom

valorant chamber agent