• New Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Skins set for release Wednesday
 • Features melee, frenzy, stinger, guardian and vandal
 • Price is estimated at 8700 VP
 • There will be three variants of each skin, a kill tracker, and four LED colours
 • More set info and HD images are found here

A few leaked images of the new RGX 11Z Pro skins are now circulating: due to be released on tomorrow (wednesday), this set contains a melee sword, frenzy, stinger, guardiann and vandal. Set to cost 8700 VP, the skins will have four colours of LED (green, red, blue and yellow), three variants, as well as a kill tracker as an upgrade.

With the variants and the kill tracker and a clean modern feel to the skins, this should prove to be a relatively popular skin set. 

valorant go 2 butterfly knife

RGX 11Z PRO Melee

valorant go 2 butterfly knife

RGX 11Z PRO Frenzy

valorant go 2 classic

RGX 11Z PRO Stinger

valorant go 2 ares

RGX 11Z PRO Guardian

valorant go 2 operator

RGX 11Z PRO vandal

RGX 11Z PRO vandal