• New Valorant skins – Sakura Bundle
  • Set cost: 4,270 VP
  • Individual skins cost 1275
  • Our custom HD images and collection info can be found here.

The sakura skins have been out for a while but they’re now being released as a bundle for the first time for the sum of 4,270 VP. The full collection includes the sakura classic, sheriff, stinger, vandal and ares. Each of the skins costs 1,275 VP individually. The collection has a clear Japanese inspiration with the iconic orange blossom and land of the rising sun landscape. A tasteful and subtly styled weapon series for a more contemplative killing style…

Sakura Classic

valorant sakura classic price

Sakura Sheriff

valorant sakura sheriff price

Sakura Stinger

valorant sakura stinger price

Sakura Vandal

valorant sakura vandal price

Sakura Ares

valorant sakura ares price