• New Valorant Snowfall Christmas skins coming soon!
• Set features Globe melee, Classic, Judge, Phantom and Ares
• Prices unknown: will updated when available

After a longer than usual delay to the next skin release with the Valorant Champions Series, we now have the new Christmas skin release leaked. The set features a melee weapon, Classic Pistol, Judge shotgun, Phantom and Ares. The skins are similar to last year’s Christmas release with a snow-globe style effect, with each skin featuring a snowy Christmas scene with Christmas trees, snow-laden houses and presents. 

We don’t yet have an official price for these skins, so we will update this as soon as they become available. 

Valorant Snowfall Christmas Skins

Snowfall Melee/Globe

snowfall melee globe

Snowfall Classic

snowfall classic

Snowfall Judge

snowfall judge

Snowfall Phantom

snowfall phantom

Snowfall Ares

snowfall ares