– New Valorant Xenohunter skin leaks…
– Features melee knife, Frenzy, Bucky, Phantom and Odin
– Each gun has an unlockable heartbeat scanner!
– Cost currently unknown

The new Valorant Xenohunter are almost with us. Seemingly inspired by the Alien franchise, this low-key skin set is actually one of my favourites so far. With a simple, steel melee knife, a Frenzy, Bucky, Phantom and Odin, the weapon designs are straightforward and functional, but with a realistic, detailed and rugged finish. I also just really like the Alien theme.

Without variants, these weapon skins will likely be at the more reasonable end of the price scale, so this will probably prove a quite popular set. Prices to be updated upon release…

While lacking variants, the set does boast one unique feature that can be unlocked in the usual way: a heartbeat sensor. This is a pretty cool adition, though its functionality appears to be purely aesthetic. From what I can gather the min-screen doesn’t offer any aditional game data.

Xenohunter Knife

Valorant xenohunter melee

Xenohunter Frenzy

Valorant xenohunter frenzy

Xenohunter Bucky

Valorant xenohunter Bucky

Xenohunter Phantom

Valorant xenohunter phantom

Xenohunter Odin

Valorant xenohunter odin