• Valorant patch 1.06 notes released.
  • Major changes include changes to flashes and a massive shotgun nerf

This really is a tiny patch, with the only notable changes being changes to the flashes of Breach and Pheonix and a nerf for all shotguns. There are a few bug fixes as well, which you can check out below.  

Breech and Pheonix flashes

The flashes for Breech and Phoenix have had their sound and visual effects changed. This has been in order to give enemy players a better idea of when the flash is coming to give them a better of turning away. There is also an effect to let you know when it is safe to look again. There have, however, been some unintended side-effects for the Phoenix curveball, “behaving differently than intended”, with the unintended result being that teammates are frequently flashed.

All Shotguns nerfed

The other major change has been a significant nerf to shotguns with their accuracy reduced while they are fired in the air.

This amounts to the spread penalty being increased from .5 >>> 1.25 when flying or whatever. Riot have also confirmed that they will be looking further into changing shotguns, though they havn’t been specific about how.

To be honest, I can see a lot of movement nerfs coming in for the weapons as some of them are just too accurate at medium range while moving. 

Bug Fixes

  • Potential fix for the bug where the player’s HUD sometimes disappears.
  • Fixed a bug in deathmatch match history & match details where ties between 3 or more players were not displaying as a tie, instead showing the lowest rank as if they were not tied (so a 3 way tie for 2nd would show 4TH PLACE instead of 2ND PLACE (TIED)).
  • Fixed a bug that allowed progress towards competitive matchmaking for new players by forfeiting unrated games.
    • Forfeited games will not count towards the Competitive requirement for the team who forfeited.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘<Missing String Table>’ would appear in the chat log.
  • Fixed a bug where strange player names could appear in chat when managing party invites
  • Fixed a bug where some players were missing rewards after reaching the end of Agent Contracts or the Act Battlepass. Playing a game should grant the missing rewards, including missing rewards from Act 1.