Reports: ScreaM Joins Team Liquid’s Valorant Roster!

There have been rumours for the last couple of days, but it’s now being reported widely that ScreaM has joined Team Liquid! Once regarded as having the best aim in Counterstrike and arguably one of the most high profile names in CS before he fell out of favour, this is big news for Valorant and Scream fans everywhere. Yes, I’m a huge scream fan, my friends. Srsly? My eyes.

Who can’t appreciate the godlike arrogance and stupidity of not reloading when you have one bullet in your mag in a 2v1 clutch, because you know you will get the one tap (and arguably because he didn’t want to give his position away with the reload)…

Insane wuntap, 1 bullet left in mag…

This is huge for Valorant. One of the biggest and oldest names in CS has officially moved over. If you don’t follow CS the closest comparison I can make is to Fernando Alonso going back to F1. One of the best ever returning to the sport is huge for the fans, and huge for the game! Rejoice!

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