Prism Spectre Skin

valorant prism spectre

Prism Collection

Skin cost: 1275 VP

Release: June 24th 2020

The Prism Spectre was an original beta skin, re-released on June 24th 2020. Like the rest of the collection has a subtle styling of purple and blue tinted metal with a simple black grip. The Spectre costs 1275 VP, and the full collection includes a knife, Ghost pistol, Spectre, as well as Phantom and Operator rifles.

 How much is the prism Spectre Skin and how do I Get it?

The Prism Spectre is available to purchase in the Valorant store, either individually for 1275 VP or as a full set for 5,100 VP. Check out the current valorant store rotations and featured collection here.

Valorant skins prism knife

Prism Knife

Valorant skins prism ghost

Prism Ghost

valorant skins prism ares

Prism Ares

Valorant skins prism phantom

Prism Phantom

Valorant skins prism operator

Prism Operator

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