• Valorant 3.03 patch notes released.
  • Yoru changes delayed to future patch
  • Major changes include saving multiple crosshair settings, shooting through Radianite crates, and Viper pit tweaks

The Yoru updates have been delayed for a future patch, but there are some cool updates in patch 3.03 that will prove popular, in particular the changes made to crosshairs!

Going forward you’ll be able to save multiple crosshair presets, which means you can store your main without worrying about forgetting it while being able to experiment. If you’re anything like me you’ll find this really useful – I’ve recently been using S1mples crosshair and its made quite a difference!

On top of this, you’re also now able to edit your crosshair for ADS as well as the sniper dot. 

Shooting thru Radianite crates and Viper pit update

The other big change is that you can now shoot through Radianite crates from all angles (the metal ones with the light green colour). Previously you were limited to certain specific angles.

Zip lines: its now possible to detatch at any point with the “use” key.

Viper pit will now form around viper instead of where the cursor is placed.

  • “OK so this is technically a bug fix, but it alters the way Viper’s Pit is deployed. We accidentally shipped a bug in 3.01 that caused her ultimate to spawn at her placement reticle instead of around her. We know a lot of Viper mains thought this was an intentional buff and might not be happy about this revert—we’re very sorry to cause pain for you all.
  • We think that Viper’s Pit can be a very potent tool for holding an area. Given that impact, it’s important that her team pays the cost of securing ground before she can place her ult, as opposed to being able to cast it forward into areas without giving up her position.”
    • Minor Changes


    • Added a system that enables us to automatically revert any AFK penalties applied to you in the event of unexpected server instability


    • Autobalance button added for custom games with > 6 players based on players’ MMR


    • Improved the accuracy and responsiveness for the ping calculation
    • Ping stats now show both the average and the max ping values to help you better understand your networking conditions
      • The average value is calculated from multiple samples collected over a small interval of time—the max value is the largest value within that sample.


    • Fixed a big where Killjoy’s turret was not affected by concuss
    • Fixed Astra’s Gravity Well from pulling people while they were attached to ascenders
    • Fixed a bug where Astra could activate Dissipate while attached to ascenders
    • Fixed Boombot, Owl Drone, and Fakeout from destroying Sage’s Barrier Orb if placed in a way that overlapped a segment of the barrier wall