• Patch 1.08 comes with three major changes: a guardian buff, Raze blast pack nerf and map rotation changes. 

This is a small patch so this will be brief, but we see some interest balancing elements. There are only really three worth noting and these are a small change to Raze’s black pack, a very minor Guardian buff and changes to the map rotation meaning you will be less likely to play the same map multiple times in a row. 

Guardian Buff

The Guardian buff is minor and sees a 100 price reduction, a small increase in fire rate and a tiny increase in weapon recovery. These are very small changes and are essentially a reaction to over-nerfing the Guardian a few weeks back with players choosing to use the weapon significantly yet. This should help, but I’m not sure this does enough to give the Guardian a distinctive role so there will probably be another buff at some point. 

  • Price reduced from 2500 >>> 2400
  • Improved Rate of fire from 4.75 >>> 5.25 RPS (rounds per second)
  • Improved weapon recovery from .35 after 3 bullets to .2925 after 3 bullets

Raze: blast pack nerf

The blast pack is getting a minor nerf to enable a defensive response from enemies and prevent dealing team damage. From this patch there will be no team damage and the initial damage done to enemies will be reduced to 15, increasing to 50 after .5 seconds. Shooting the pack results in it exploding, meaning that shooting it quickly will reduce the damage it deals.

  • Initial damage reduced to 15 with a .2 meter inner radius, falling off to 5 minimum damage
  • Once the satchel lands, it arms after .5 seconds, increasing it’s max damage to 50
  • Shooting the blast pack causes it to detonate, dealing its current damage amount
  • Satchel no longer does damage to allies

Map rotation changes

Finally, if you were fed up of playing the same match again and again and again, this patch will mititagte that somewhat. Instead of being truly random, your previous matches will be taken into consideration meaning you will have an increased chance of playing maps you’ve not played recently and a decreased chance of playing the same map multiple times.