When Does Valorant Act 1 end and Act 2 Begin?

In case you missed it, we have relatively solid confirmation that Act: 1 of the Ignition series will end on or about August 4th, which means you still have plenty of time to work on unlocking those skins. Two things suggest this date. The first comes from Valorant game designer David Cole, who explicitly stated that each act will last about two months. The second comes from dataminer Mang0eLeaks (give him a follow @ValorantExpress), who went through the game files and managed to find some ticks that translated to specific dates: June 1st, August 4th, and October 13th.

A couple of caveats here. The first is that while the process seems logical and the conclusions sound, it’s always possible something has been missed. Secondly, Valorant might just change the dates for whatever reason. So while this makes sense, see it more as a good estimate that an absolute.

Provisional Act dates:

Act 1: June 1st
Act 2: Aug 4th
Act 3: Oct 13th

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