• Valorant act 3 arrives on October 13th, thought the agent will be released two weeks later
  • New map: Icebox
  • New Agent: Skye
  • Three new skin sets: Surge, Singularity and Ruin

With Act II ending in less than a week this of course means we’re about to launch into Act III with lots of exciting new additions, the main highlights of which are a new map (Icebox), a new agent (Skye) and three new skin collections. It’s worth noting though that while the map will come out with Act 3, the new agent will not be released for two weeks after the start of act 3. 

New Map: Icebox

We’ve finally got a new map and I’ve got to say I’m excited! Set in what appears to be a snow covered port the map features a large outside area with shipping containers and a varied indoor area that seems similar in some ways to counterstrike Office, though there’s a lot of the map we haven’t seen yet. 

valorant ego knife
valorant ego ghost

New Skins: Singularity, Ruin and Surge

Anew act also brings new skins, and it looks like we’re getting at least three: Singularity, Ruin and Surge. You can see Singularity with the purple background below and Ruin with red. You can find Surge and other images in the video above and we will upload better images as we get them.

valorant ego knife
valorant ego knife

New Agent: Skye

As noted above “Skye” won’t be released for two weeks after the official release of act three, but she sounds like a strong and interesting character if what we are hearing is accurate. She has the ability to launch a Tasmanian tiger that she can control and aim at an enemy when she can press a button to make it explode, damaging enemies around it. 

The second ability (regrowth) allows her to heal all teammates around her who are in range and in line-of-site. This ability does not work on herself.

The third ability is a kind of flash, where Skye fires out a Hawk that she can then activate with a click that transforms it into a flash.

Finally, we have the ultimate called Seekers, which (as we currently understand it) fires three projectiles that seek out the three nearest enemies and nearsights them. 

valorant ego knife
valorant ego knife