Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle

valorant champions 2022

Valorant Champions

Collection price:
6,167 VP

Release: Aug 23rd 2022

The new Valorant Champions 2022 bundle were released on Aug 23rd 2022 to celebrate the final major tournament of the Valorant season. Half of the proceeds go towards teams competing.

.The set is a unique special release costing 6,167 VP, with the Phantom at 2,675 and the melee at 5,350. The skins will be available only throughout the trounament period with the skins not being released again. The set includes a special butterfly knife and a Phantom. These skins are presented in bright ruby red and gold and each features their own unique elements. 

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radiant crisis 001 bat

Butterfly Knife

radiant crisis 001 classic skin


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