Tethered Realms Skins

valorant tethered realms collection

Tethered Realms Collection

Collection Price:
7,100 VP

May 26th 2021

The Valorant Tethered Realms collection features a knife, ghost, guardian, vandal and operator. The gun has alternating styles that change from light/white to dark/green. The Melle costs 3550 VP, while the gun skins go for 1,775 VP each.

tethered realms melee variants

Melee: 3550 VP

tethered realms guardian variants

Guardian: 1775 VP

tethered realms operator variants

Operator: 1775 VP

tethered realms ghost variants

Ghost: 1775 VP

tethered realms vandal variants

Vandal: 1775 VP

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