Valorant Aristocrat Collection

Aristocrat Collection

Collection price: n/a

Release: Launch

The aristocrat collection is a Valorant weapons skin set released at launch on June 2nd 2020. It features gold plating and gold ornamentation, most dominant on the weapon’s stock, rail, magazine and reciever cover. An elegant look for the sophisticated player, or just a “playa”, the styling is reminiscent of the ‘Antique Nova’ in Counterstrike. Weapons available in this style include the Stinger, Vandal, Sheriff, Bulldog and Ares. 

Aristocrat Sheriff: VP 1275

Valorant Aristocrat Bulldog Medium

Aristocrat Bulldog: VP 1275

Valorant Aristocrat Ares Medium

Aristocrat Ares: VP 1275

Aristocrat Stinger: VP 1275

Valorant Aristocrat Vandal Medium

Aristocrat Vandal: VP 1275

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