Aristocrat Stinger Skin

Valorant Aristocrat stinger HD

Aristocrat Collection

Cost: VP 1275

Release: Launch

The Aristocrat Stinger skin is part of the Aristocrat collection and features black and gold styling throughout, with ivory grips at both front and rear. The weapon exudes oppulance and excess, with the solid gold alone increasing the build cost of the gun by a factor of ten. Along with the Sheriff, Bulldog, Vandal and Ares, this skin was released at launch on June 2nd 2020.

How much is the Aristocrat Stinger skin, and how do I get it?

The Aristocrat collection is currently in rotation in the Valorant store and the Aristocrat Stinger is available for purchase for 1275 Valorant points.

Valorant Aristocrat Sheriff Small

Aristocrat Sheriff: VP 1275

Valorant Aristocrat stinger Small

Aristocrat Stinger: VP 1275

Valorant Aristocrat Bulldog Medium

Aristocrat Bulldog

Valorant Aristocrat Vandal Medium

Aristocrat Vandal: VP 1275

Valorant Aristocrat Ares Medium

Aristocrat Ares: VP 1275

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