Valorant BlastX Odin

blastx frenzy

BlastX Collection

BlastX gun price:
2,175 VP

Release: ???

valorant blastx collection
valorant blastx collection
valorant blastx collection

The BlastX Odin has a distinctive Christmas theme, taking everyone back to childhood and the joy of unwrapping that first toy gun on Christmas morning. Each BlastX skin come with three variants that must be unwrapped before firing (the skins are covered in wrapping paper that must be torn off each time you equip the weapon). As toy guns, they of course don’t fire bullets, but nerf-gun projectiles and they turn the enemy into a giant present as a finisher. The BlastX Odin costs 2,175 VP with the whole set priced at 8,700 VP.

Valorant Galleria classic Medium

BlastX Melee: VP 4,350

Valorant Galleria Bucky Medium

BlastX Frenzy – VP 2,175

Valorant Galleria phantom Medium

BlastX Spectre: VP 2,175

Valorant Galleria guardian Medium

BlastX Phantom: VP 2,175

Valorant Galleria marshal Medium

BlastX Odin: VP 2,175

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