Valorant Cavalier Skins

valorant cavalier skins

Cavalier Collection

Formation Act 2

March 2nd 2021

The Cavalier skin collection is a new Valorant skin set for the Valorant Formation Act 2 Battlepass. Released on Feb 2nd 2021, the collection features the ghost, stinger, bucky, vandal and operator. The set styling is practical, elegant and subtle with wood grips, bare metal and light blue edging on the fore-grips. A gun set for the connisseur.

The set can be unlocked by purchasing the Formation Act 2 battlepass and unlocking XP at the respective levels: ghost (lvl 16) , stinger (10), bucky (30), vandal (lvl 25) and operator (lvl 45).

cavalier ghost skin

Ghost: tier 16

cavalier bucky skin

Bucky: tier 30

cavalier operator skin

Operator: tier 45

cavalier stinger skin

Stinger: tier 10

cavalier vandal skin

Vandal: tier 25

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