Convex Sheriff Skin

convex Sheriff skin hd

Convex Collection

Price: 875

Release: June 24th 2020

Featuring a futuristic  green camo design over white with black grips, the Convex Sheriff is a purchasable skin costing 875 VP that was released on June 24th 2020. The full set includes the sheriff, judge, spectre, bulldog and operator.

How to unlock the Sheriff Collection?

The Convex sheriff is currently unlockable through the Valorant store and can be purchased for 875 VP. While the skin set may become available to purchase at a later date at a reduced price as a full set this option is not currently available and the set not part of any battle pass.

Valorant Prism Collection knife

Convex Sheriff

Valorant Prism Collection ghost

Convex Judge

Valorant Prism Collection spectre

Convex Spectre

Valorant Prism Collection phantom

Convex Bulldog

Valorant Prism Collection operator

Convex Operator

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