Valorant Couture Collection

Couture Collection

Collection price: n/a

Release: Launch

Taking inspiration from the fashion houses of Milan and Paris, the Couture collection is a Valorant weapons skin set released at launch on June 2nd 2020. A perfect gift for the woman in your life (or a man confident in his sexuality), you won’t want to be seen in anything else this summer. Featuring black and white swirls, this collection harkens back to the animal print obsessed 60’s, but it does so subtly, limiting said styling to the grips and scopes. While other guns in the launch series may overdo things stylistically — yes, I’m looking at you Aristocrat Collection – the Couture is the height of good taste.  Available in Stinger, Marshal, Frenzy and Bulldog sizes, we’re looking forward to seeing you in yours!

Valorant Couture Frenzy Medium

Couture Frenzy

Valorant Couture bulldog Medium

Couture Bulldog

Valorant Couture Stinger

Couture Stinger

Valorant Couture Marshal Medium

Couture Marshal

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