Couture Frenzy Skin

Valorant Couture Frenzy hd

Couture Collection

Pass: Ignition
Act 1
Lvl: 16

Release: Launch

Cost: n/a

The Couture Frenzy skin takes inspiration from the fashion houses of Milan and Paris and was released as part of the Couture collection at launch on June 2nd 2020. A perfect handbag gun in terms of both size and style, the black and white swirls harken back to the animal print obsessed 60’s, while the small form belies its mighty punch. Also available in Stinger, Marshal and Bulldog sizes, we’re looking forward to seeing you in yours!

How much is the Couture Frenzy skin, and how do I get it?

The Couture Frenzy skin is not currently available to purchase but can be earned through the Ignition: Act 1 battle pass. It is unlocked relatively early on at lvl16.

Valorant Couture Frenzy Small

Couture Frenzy

Valorant Couture stinger Small

Couture Stinger

Valorant Couture bulldog Small

Couture Bulldog

Valorant Couture marshal Small

Couture Marshal

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