Valorant DOT EXE Vandal

valorant dot exe vandal hd

Dot EXE Collection

Pass: Ignition
Act 1
Unlock: Tier 45

Release: Launch

Price: n/a

The Valorant DOT EXE Vandal is a Tron inspired weapon skin from the DOT EXE collection and was released on 2nd of June, 2020. It is a futuristic composite weapon with neon turquoise accents running the length of the gun. The DOT EXE skin collection is also available in Ghost, Odin and Judge variants that can be found below. 

How to unlock the Vandal dot exe skin?

Not currently available for sale in the store, the only way to unlock the DOT EXE Vandal is by purchasing the Ignition: Act 1 Battle Pass and reaching Tier 45. It is possible to purchase progress to tier 45 for 13,200 VP, instantly unlocking the Ghost DOT EXE and all DOT EXE weapons in the collection (though we don’t advise this).

Valorant Dot Exe Ghost small


Valorant Dot Exe judge small


Valorant Dot Exe vandal small

DOT EXE Vandal

Valorant Dot Exe odin small


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