Valorant Electroflux Collection

Valorant electroflux collection

Electroflux Collection

Ignition Act 3

Release: Oct 13th 2020

The Valorant Electroflux skin set was released on October 13th 2020 as part of the Ignition Act 3 Battle Pass. It contains the Electroflux classic, sheriff, stinger and bucky. The skins have a sporty feel with geometric shades of purple, pink, blue, back and white. The skins can be unlocked through purchasing the Act 3 battlepass and unlocking levels 10, 16, 30, 35 and 50 (chapter reward).

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife

Classic: lvl 16

sakura collection stinger

Bucky: lvl 10

sakura collection sheriff

Sheriff: lvl 50 (chapter reward)

sakura collection vandal

Stinger: lvl 35

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