Valorant Forsaken Knife

valorant forsaken skins

Forsaken Collection

Skin Price:
3,550 VP

April 27th 2021

The new Valorant Forsaken melee is part of the Forsaken collection and features a knife, classic, spectre, vandal and operator. It was released on April 28th 2021. The set comes with two skin types, the base Forsaken set in grey/green/silver and the gold variant. The full set costs 7,100 VP with each of the gun skins priced at 1,775 VP, and the knife at 3,550 VP.

silvanus sheriff

Knife: 3,550 VP

silvanus stinger

Classic: 1,775 VP

silvanus phantom

Spectre: 1,775 VP

silvanus vandal

Vandal: 1,775 VP

silvanus operator

Operator: 1,775 VP

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