Valorant GLitchpop Skins

Valorant Elderflame Collection

Glitchpop Collection

Collection price:
8,700 VP

Release: August 4th 2020

The Valorant Glitchpop collection is the showcase collection of the Ignition: act 2 battlepass release. Launched on August 5th the collection includes a knife, Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog and Odin. Each gun has three unlockable variants, and there are unique VFX, a finisher and reticle that can also be unlocked. The set continues the Japanese theme of the Saukura and Oni collections released immediately before and features bright neon colours and anime inspired styling. A unique set with many unlockable elements.

 How much is the Glitchpop Collection and How to unlock?

The Valorant Glitchpop Collection can be purchased in the store for 8,700 VP. Skins can also be purchased individully in the store with the meleee costing 4,350 VP and the individual guns costing 2,175 VP. The glitchpop skin variants and VFX can be unlocked using radianite points which are purchasable and earnable.

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife

Glitchpop Knife: 4,350 VP

Valorant Elderflame Collection judge

Glitchpop Judge: 2,175 VP

Valorant Oni Collection Phantom

Glitchpop Odin: 2,175 VP

Valorant Elderflame Collection frenzy

Glitchpop Frenzy: 2,175 VP

Valorant Elderflame Collection vandal

Glitchpop Bulldog: 2,175 VP

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