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Hivemind Collection

Ignition Act 2

August 4th 2020

The Hivemind collection is part of the Ignition: Act 2 battlepass and was released on August 4th 2020. One of three new sets for the battlepass, the Hivemind collection is the only Act 2 set with 5 skins and the only knife, which is the top reward for this battlepass (unlocked at lvl 50). Similar to the Sovereign collection variants these skins have an alien feel to them, cast in some exotic metal and filled with purple alien goo.  The full set includes the knife, shorty, stinger, Vandal and Ares.

How to unlock Polyfox Collection?

The Hivemind collection is not purchasable in the store and can only be unlocked through purchasing the battle pass and earning XP. The five skins are unlockable at the following levels:Knife (lvl 50), Shorty (chapter reward), Spectre (lvl 5) and Vandal (lvl 25), and Ares (lvl 1). Alternatively, it is possible to pay to unlock battlepass levels.

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife

Hivemind Knife

Valorant Elderflame Collection judge

Hivemind Spectre

Valorant Elderflame Collection judge

Hivemind Ares

Valorant Elderflame Collection frenzy

Hivemind Shorty

Valorant Elderflame Collection vandal

Hivemind Vandal

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