Hivemind Knife Skin

hivemind knife skin

Hivemind Collection

Ignition Act 2

Lvl 50

August 4th 2020

The Hivemind Knife is part of the Ignition: Act 2 battlepass and was released on August 4th 2020 and is the top reward for this battlepass. The knife has a futuristic alien bug feel to it, with the blade made of an unknown exotic metal and, black grips and more purple goo within!  The full set includes the knife, shorty, stinger, Vandal and Ares.

How to unlock Hivemind Knife skin?

The Hivemind Knife skin is not purchasable in the store and can only be unlocked by buying the battle pass and earning XP. The weapon is unlockable at level 50 of the battlepass, the top reward for act 2 (which can be achieved either through purchasing levels or earning XP).

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Hivemind Knife

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