Valorant Infinity Spectre

infinity spectre skin

Infinity Collection

Formation Act 1

Jan 12th 2021

infinity spectre orange variant
infinity spectre pink variant
infinity spectre white variant

The Valorant Infinity Spectre is part of the Formation: Act 1 battlepass and was released on Jan 12th 2021. One of three new sets for the battlepass, the Infinity skins feature a clean matte green finish as well as three variants each. Available weapons include the Spectre, Bulldog, Phantom and Guardian.

How to unlock Infinity Collection?

The Infinity collection is not purchasable in the store and can only be unlocked through purchasing the battle pass and earning XP. The four skins are unlockable at the following levels: Spectre (lvl 16), Bulldog (lvl 1), Guardian (lvl 35) and Phantom (lvl 45). Alternatively, it is possible to pay Valorant points to unlock battlepass levels.

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife

Infinity Spectre

Valorant Elderflame Collection frenzy

Infinity Bulldog

Valorant Elderflame Collection vandal

Infinity Phantom

Valorant Elderflame Collection judge

Infinity Guardian

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