Valorant Kingdom Knife

Valorant Kingdom knife hd

Kingdom Collection

Pass: Ignition
Act 1
Lvl: 50

Release: Launch

Cost: n/a

The Valorant Kingdom Knife is part of the Kingdom collection and the top reward for the Ignition: Act One battle pass at lvl 50. This collection was released on June 2nd with the game’s official launch and has a clean, futuristic styling. The skin set is completed by the Kingdom Classic, Bucky, Spectre and Phantom,

How to unlock the Kingdom Knife skin?

The Kingdom knife is not currently available to purchase from the Valorant store, however it can be acquired by through the Ignition Act 1 Battle pass.  By working through the Battle pass the Kingdom knife skin can be unlocked at lvl 50, which is the final level – making the Kingdom knife skin the top reward of Act 1.

Valorant Kingdom knife Small

Kingdom Knife

Valorant Kingdom classic Small

Kingdom Classic

Valorant Kingdom Bucky Small

Kingdom Bucky

Valorant Kingdom spectre Small

Kingdom Spectre

Valorant Kingdom phantom Small

Kingdom Phantom

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