Valorant Magepunk Bucky

valorant magepunk bucky

Magepunk Collection

Skin price:
1,775 VP

April 1st 2021

The Valorant Magepunk Bucky is part of the Magepunk skin collection and consists of the melee, Spectre, ghost, bucky and marshal and was released on April 1st 2021. The full set is priced at 7,100 VP, with each of the weapons individually costing 1,775 VP and the knife costing 3,550 VP.

The weapons take magical inspiration, with an unknown glowing power source, a black and gold design with brow grips.

magepunk knife skin

Melee: 3,550 VP

magepunk ghost skin

Ghost: 1,775 VP

magepunk bucky price

Bucky: 1,775 VP

magepunk spectre skin

Spectre: 1,775 VP

magepunk marshal skin

Marshal: 1,775 VP

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