Valorant Nebula Skins

valorant sakura skins

Nebula Collection

Collection price:
7100 VP

Release: August 21st 2020

The Valorant Nebula skins are a five skin collection released on August 21st 2020 and feature a knife, Sheriff, Guardian, Phantom and Ares. The collection has a space theme with the artwork mimicking the the green and purple strands of interstellar space dust. The skins are unique in that they have a special effect as you move the weapons with the interstellar background remaining fixed, as though the weapons are a portal that allow you to look through matter into the depths of the universe. The full collection costs 7100 VP, and the individual prices can be found below. Our article and in game images can be found here.

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife

Knife: 3350 VP

sakura collection stinger

Guardian: 1775 VP

sakura collection ares

Ares: 1775 VP

sakura collection sheriff

Sheriff: 1775 VP

sakura collection vandal

Phantom: 1775 VP

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