Valorant Oni Melee

valorant oni melee

Oni Collection

Oni Melee price:
3550 VP

Release: July 22nd 2020

The Valorant Oni melee is a double bladed hand-held weapon in the form of a Japanese mask.  The mask features the face of the ‘Oni’, a Japanese ogre/troll from Japanese Folklore and is one of the strangest melee weapons released so far! Released on the 22nd of July, the Oni set features a Melee weapon, shorty sidearm, bucky, Guardian and Phantom.

How much is the Oni Knife Skin?

The Price of the Oni Melee is currently 3550 VP, and the skin can be purchased in the Valorant store, either as a single item or as part of the full collection for 7,100 VP.

oni melee skin

Oni Melee

oni shorty skin

Oni Shorty

oni bucky skin

Oni Bucky

oni guardain skin

Oni Guardian

oni phantom skin

Oni Phantom

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