Valorant Oni Shorty

Valorant Oni shorty

Oni Collection

Oni Shorty price:
1775 VP

Release: July 22nd 2020

Oni Shorty Black Variant

Oni Shorty Black Variant: lvl 5

Oni Shorty Green Variant

Oni Shorty Green Variant: lvl6

Oni Shorty white Variant

Oni Shorty White Variant: lvl7

The Oni shorty skin is the sidearm of the Oni collection and was released on 22nd of July 2020. With a Japanese theme, the set is based on the Oni troll from Japanese folklore and the weapon features metal plating similar to that found on a samurai warrior.  The Oni shorty has three variants and the full set features a Melee weapon, shorty sidearm, bucky, Guardian and Phantom.

How much is the Oni Shorty?

The Oni shorty sidearm costs 1,775 VP, and can only be aquired through purchase in the Valorant store on its own, or as part of the full Oni set for 7,100 VP.

oni melee skin

Oni Melee

oni shorty skin

Oni Shorty

oni bucky skin

Oni Bucky

oni guardain skin

Oni Guardian

oni phantom skin

Oni Phantom

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