Valorant Polyfrog Ares

Valorant Polyfrog ares

Polyfrog Collection

Formation Act 2

March 2nd 2021

The Valorant polyfrog Ares is part of  the new Polyfox skin set for the Valorant Formation Act 2 Battlepass. Released on Feb 2nd 2021, the collection features a sheriff, Spectre, Marshal and Ares. The set colouration features geometric patterns of red, greens and pale blues.

The set can be unlocked by purchasing the Formation Act 2 battlepass and unlocking XP at the respective levels: Sheriff (tier 15), Spectre (tier 40), Marshal (tier 1), Ares (tier 20).

polyfrog sheriff

Sheriff: tier 15

polyfrog spectre

Spectre: tier 40

polyfrog marshall

Marshal: tier 1

polyfrog ares

Ares: tier 20

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